Training @ the Field

Part of the Bird Division's training efforts includes bringing scientists, students, and technicians from around the world to partake in training programs at the Field Museum in Chicago. For many of them, it is their first visit to the United States. They often come for 1-2 months, living in an apartment in the city, while they receive training at the museum and see how we do things. Our current visitor, through May 2014, is Sadic Waswa, a master's student at Makerere University. His visit to Chicago is sponsored by the Field Museum's Africa Council, as well as the Bird and Mammal Divisions. You can read more about his project on the students page.

Wamiti preparing Red-capped Lark blood samples for DNA extraction and sequencing in the Pritzker Lab at the Field Museum.
Our previous Kenyan visitor, Onesmus Kioko, in the Field Museum prep lab. Here he is preparing a window-killed bird to go into the dermestid beatle colony, eventually to become a skeleton specimen. Photo by J. Bates / The Field Musuem.