Centre de Recherche en Science Naturelles (CRSN, Lwiro, D.R. Congo)

The research staff in the Department of Biology at CRSN, Lwiro, studies the biological diversity of the southern Albertine Rift. The research includes documentation of diversity and distribution of the region's organisms, basic research on the natural history of the flora and fauna of the region, population monitoring, and applied research on flora and fauna that affect local human population. The current staff in Biology at CRSN, Lwiro, includes a group of dedicated researchers who have remained with the station for many years. Because of heavy conflicts in the region, much of their work has been without compensation.

Projects associated with CRSN, Lwiro:

Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Center
This primate rehabilitation and rescue facility is on the grounds of CRSN, Lwiro. Although its main focus is chimpanzees, it houses many other species, including baboons and a variety of monkeys.

Centre Integral d'Education de Lwiro

The file below is a history (translated from French) of the research station that was written in 1954.

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