This is a partial list of publications based on The Field Museum’s recent bird and mammal work in Africa, especially in Malawi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Uganda. Many of these papers use samples collected on our expeditions to these countries while some present results of these expeditions. Where the papers are available here, click on the “pdf” link at the end of the entry to download a pdf.


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La Viande de Porc et de vache et la Transmission du T

Centre de Recherche en Hydrobiologie (CRH, Uvira, D.R. Congo)

Completed in 1949 under Belgian direction, this station has focused on studies of the Lake Tanganyika ecosystem. Today, the Center houses three research departments: Biology, Hydrology and Fishery Economics. There is a guesthouse for foreign researchers and students. The Center lost most of its research equipment during the Congolese civil war, but the facility still maintains a staff of 18 researchers and 10 assistants.

Centre de Recherche en Science Naturelles (CRSN, Lwiro, D.R. Congo)

The research staff in the Department of Biology at CRSN, Lwiro, studies the biological diversity of the southern Albertine Rift. The research includes documentation of diversity and distribution of the region's organisms, basic research on the natural history of the flora and fauna of the region, population monitoring, and applied research on flora and fauna that affect local human population. The current staff in Biology at CRSN, Lwiro, includes a group of dedicated researchers who have remained with the station for many years.


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